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All the tips & tricks you need to better your sex life with interesting positions and ideas!

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Enhance your sexual experience with 51 distinct positions and 69 creative ideas to try out.

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Discover 51 unique positions and 69 creative ideas to spice up your sex life, while also learning how to communicate better with your partner and build a deeper emotional bond.

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What will you learn from this Bundle e-book?

More than just ebooks, this will help you reignite the spark that has been missing in your sex life. If you are just starting or already bored with your sex life, this will be a life saver for you!

Communication techniques for better intimacy

Learn effective communication techniques to express your needs and desires with your partner in a healthy and positive way.

Sexual positions for enhanced pleasure

Discover 51 unique sexual positions that can help you experience new levels of pleasure with your partner. These positions are designed to stimulate different parts of the body and can help you achieve deeper intimacy.

Unique and exciting ways to explore intimacy

This ebook provides you with 69 creative ideas to explore intimacy with your partner in unique and exciting ways

Expert tips and techniques for better sex:

The creative ideas presented in the ebook are backed by expert tips and techniques to help you achieve better sex.

What inside the book?

A little bit about the bundle

Here's all the things that you'll get in this special bundle.

2+ special ebooks which covers the topic in detail.
69 creative ideas to explore intimacy
51 Positions that you can try for the next 51 days!
Visual references & diagrams for easy understanding
Written in Simple & Easy english for everyone to understand
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English + Hindi


11th January


Dr. Neha Mehta

Who should read this book?


The ebook is an excellent resource for couples looking to deepen their emotional connection and improve their sex life. The tips and techniques presented in the book can help build trust and intimacy in a relationship.


you struggle to communicate your needs and desires in a relationship, this ebook can help.

Long-term couples

If you're in a long-term relationship and looking to reignite the passion and excitement, this ebook can help. The book provides tips and advice on how to maintain intimacy and build a long-lasting, loving relationship with your partner.

Anyone looking to overcome sexual challenges

If you and your partner want to make intimacy a priority in your relationship, this ebook can help you achieve that.

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The Author

Dr. Neha Mehta

Dr. Neha Mehta is an RCI registered Psychologist, certified Relationship Counselor, and a well-known Child Psychologist practicing in Haryana.

Dr. Neha has 10 years of enriching experience in the field of counseling. She’s an accredited Psychologist by NIMHANS and International Affiliate with the American Psychological Association.

She’s an accredited Psychologist by NIMHANS and International Affiliate with the American Psychological Association.

Honored with awards such as






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All the tips & tricks you need to better your sex life with interesting positions and ideas!

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